Patrick Stein


And all-around nice guy (well, mostly).

My Ugly Mug

I'm a senior developer atVizify. I have a rarely-updatedblogwhere I write about software, the web, startups, and that sort of thing. I've cofounded a few startups: Connectsy (defunct), Hipsell/Shopcaster (alive!). Sometimes I make noise onTwitter, but it's not what you'd call poignant. Every once in a while I'll go on a spree and spend a lot of time onStack Overflow, but it happens infrequently. I'm doing and have done some cool stuff in my time, all neatly collated, sorted, and embossed at a little place I like to callProjects. I need one final link but I'm out of ideas for text, so we're just going to drop it smack dab in the middle like this:Github. Boom.